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Do you own a property and feel like its current use and size does not match the level of development in the area? Contact us.

We will review possible development options with respect to zoning plan and local building codes and present you the ways for improvement of the value of your property.

How does it work

Instead of boiler room...
...nine-storey apartment building
Instead of old warehouse...
...multifunctional house of triple area.

About us

We have assembled a team with the broadest possible range of experience in managing residential and commercial construction projects. Together we can face and solve complex challenges which designing, permiting and delivering of buildings comes with.
Specializace na
Propoerty anlyzation
technical specification
permitting process

Tomáš Voborský

Authorised architect by Czech Chamber of Architects

is a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague. He gained experience in architectural offices in Antwerp (RDVA) and Prague (edit architects, a.lt). In his practice he has designed, approved and implemented residential and office buildings of various scales.Within kimchi architecture he applies especially a sense for the analytical aspect of design, knowledge of legislation and systematic in the process of project preparation.

Specializace na
architectual design
layout design

Vojtěch Novotný


is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague. In his practice he worked mainly in the architectural studio edit architects, where he participated on the largest development projects that are changing the face of today's Prague. Thanks to his experience and sense of architecture, he can design a well-functioning, tasteful and appropriate urban house even on a seemingly unusable plot.

Specializace na
project management
business development

Tomáš Budil

develpment specialist

is a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Construction Management, CTU in Prague. For several years he has been working in the development of large-scale logistics buildings, where he gained experience in project management in the preparation and implementation phase. Within kimchi architecture, he applies his abilities to conduct productive negotiations with various actors in the (pre)construction process and decisiveness in solving the problems that come with the implementation and permitting of buildings.

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